Services We Provide

  • TMJ

    Temporomandibular Joint Disorder Therapy

  • DDS Splint

    A dental appliance that Dr. Dylina developed to help heavy bruxers (grinders)

  • Sleep Appliances

    Sleep appliances for sleep apnea and snoring

  • Balancing The Occlusion

What are TMJ Disorders? TMJ disorders occur when the upper and lower jaws, along with their muscles and ligaments no longer operate in a coordinated fashion. Symptoms include headaches, earaches, muscle spasms, and chipped, broken or sensitive teeth. Recognized in his field as one of the foremost authorities on TMJ (temporomandibular joint), Dr. Dylina has helped countless people suffering from this painful affliction become pain-free.

What is Dental Sleep Medicine? If you are snoring, have gastric reflux, restless leg syndrome or you stop breathing during sleep you may have some form of sleep disordered breathing. SNORING is caused by a vibration of the soft palate; SLEEP APNEA is a total blockage of the airway for a limited time. You may not have sleep apnea if you snore but you probably snore if you have sleep apnea. Both are treatable! Sleep apnea has been proven to adversely affect the lungs, the heart, and the digestive system. Untreated sleep apnea may lead to fatalities. The gold standard to treat sleep apnea is the CPAP machine. It forces positive pressure oxygen into the airway. This treatment is provided by a sleep physician. If the patient cannot tolerate or refuses to wear the CPAP, then Dr. Dylina can provide an appliance which functions to bring the jaw forward which in turn opens the airway. It is much smaller, less intrusive and easily portable. Dr. Dylina can also provide custom masks for the CPAP along with more comfortable forms of CPAP therapy including oxygen saturation studies.